UP!- A Creative’s Guide in Sierra Leone

Dire situations tend to bring out the best or worst, and for many of us, these moments are the molds that will cast us out in the movie of our lives moving forward. The novel Coronavirus outbreak in many ways than one is already changing the landscape of our existence, future interactions and our perceptionsContinue reading “UP!- A Creative’s Guide in Sierra Leone”

Shades of Love

Listen; even if rainbows were to forget to postlude storms; or sunsets the profane cains of days; or dew to wash away the sins of flowers when dawn breathes upon us; or the dead to ascend into the promised Heavens I will never forget to bathe you With these three words; banal they may seem,Continue reading “Shades of Love”

The Opioid Trail: Tramadol Abuse in Sierra Leone

It was a bright day with blue skies, sunny with just the right amount of soft winds. One of the rare blessings of residing in the coastal city of Freetown in the dry season is the beautiful weather at that time of the year. I was riding shotgun, a friend at the wheel, a DrakeContinue reading “The Opioid Trail: Tramadol Abuse in Sierra Leone”

The Land.

I look up in the sky and see faces in the clouds gazing down at me. Ferried on a canoe across a lake like a journey through time. Thoughts, Dreams, Memories. They mingle into a tapestry of my experiences. Mama’s Land. I breathe in the welcoming air of the familiar scents that I thought I’dContinue reading “The Land.”

Lust, Hope and Lost. (English and Sierra Leone creole)

We sat down and spoke about many things in a sparse time, from shelved dreams and move-ons’ to tilted relationships and speed runs. Then a tinted SUV drove by, dropping out that Betelgeuse ‘out of reach’ type of girl that crutches on crushed hearts leaving everyone jelly legs crippled. Switching gears from the sweet rideContinue reading “Lust, Hope and Lost. (English and Sierra Leone creole)”

The Score

Two drowned kings once met on Death’s island, a boat to share for them to steer for the shores of life or the bliss of heaven, yet they fought each other on the sands of time to be the sole buccaneer towards life’s vanity, knowing that neither would triumph, they tore the vessel apart. AlasContinue reading “The Score”

No Care

She expected smiles filled with warmth and echoing laughter, so loud that it would awaken and rival the joy of lunchtime in nursery school, for in her mind, his textual attraction was the fuel that lit up her days more than her phone charger did. Two blue ticks worthier than 50 greys, late night convos laced with kinkyContinue reading “No Care”

Peasant Dreams

In an alternate warped life, I must have been a farmer’s son, who nodded and hummed in tune to the rhythm of bird music. A gifted playlist from nature to salve my boredom, no money greased Dj palms to repeat my favourite songs. So under a palm tree I lay swooning, a lazy past time in windy harmattan, then IContinue reading “Peasant Dreams”


Dawn has a hymn It sounds like water greased in a piano played by crickets. Don’t ask me what I mean, only God knows. Even when I wake up early, lately I feel like i’m still dreaming Sleep on that thought, I’ll come back to it if my amnesia doesn’t remember me to forget. SoContinue reading “Cancer.”