The Land.

Photography by Nadia Assad. Massama, Kambia.
Photography by Nadia Assad. Massama, Kambia.

I look up in the sky and see faces in the clouds gazing down at me.

Ferried on a canoe across a lake like a journey through time.

Thoughts, Dreams, Memories.
They mingle into a tapestry of my experiences.

Mama’s Land.

I breathe in the welcoming air of the familiar scents that I thought I’d forgotten.

My eyes attune to the greenery that kidnaps my senses
and my ducts they leak the essence of repressed emotions.

The warmth in the ambience embraces me for all the hugs I never received whilst away
and the ones I had when I was last here.

Charmed into awe whenever I discover doors that lead to the many mysteries you hold within.

Just always there to be unraveled in my country.

The Motherland.


Published by Kamanda Koroma

Dabbles in writing...Great taste in music...Loves Nature. -#Conundrum.

11 thoughts on “The Land.

  1. Powerful Imagery. Pithy but largely encompassing, bringing to the mind a sense of belonging. “My eyes attune to the greenery that kidnaps my senses…” does it all.

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  2. I appreciate you visiting my blog. I don’t profess to know much about poetry except that I can’t write it. I liked this because of it’s clarity and you kept it brief. Not knowing when to stop is said to be a writer’s common error. Clearly you avoided that mistake. One suggestion if I may share, I know that when I give speeches I try to be careful that the words I choose are the easiest for the listener to visualize and absorb to connect because if the listener has to think too much to understand my word choice then I lose the connection. Something to consider.

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