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The Score

Two drowned kings once met on Death’s island,

a boat to share for them to steer for the shores of life or the bliss of heaven,

yet they fought each other on the sands of time to be the sole buccaneer towards life’s vanity,

knowing that neither would triumph, they tore the vessel apart.

Alas left with,

 purgatory for home and hell for company.

starved off their selfish love to a hating cycle,

they begged for a swift end from the bed of eternal torment they created,

but Death..

Death has never been known to be merciful 

He sailed to Life, grim with his task to deport more souls,

with Death, it’s never personal. 


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The curse of knowing outweighs the bliss of ignorance,

this deep vault of mine overfills with confidante memories hoping for an Obliviate spell that never seem to come.

Summoning the will to wear that smile is a miracle that I’ve come to see as ordinary

Loki got nothing on me with his mask,

I got them galore like these emojis.
On some days, I stare at my reflection seeing a stranger gazing back.

Broadway needs me

Hamilton could do with a new cast member, I come highly recommended by Pence.

These days I am increasingly fueled by a raging desire to overprice depressed thoughts

Or get lost in the flow of books in the jungle of Amazon.

Nothing is real, ebooks leave me thirsty

I miss the smell of pages

their wrinkled edges and the torn covers that tells me it’s earlier readers validate it’s dopeness

I miss them all.

Even my Red Devil’s trident is broken,

so when I finally drown to the depths of my reverie, I may ask Poseidon for another

and stab Mourinho with it
Or I may not..

Until that next bourbon shot …

I’ll leisurely swim in these rambling and crazed thoughts of mine.