Blogging from Sierra Leone: The ‘Why’.

There are millions of narratives online about people and their stories, mostly as strangers without meeting each other we connect with these experiences as we find ourselves relating to them. The intricate nature of human existence is the simple truth that in our differences we notice familiar things that brings us to the earthy truthContinue reading “Blogging from Sierra Leone: The ‘Why’.”

Mind Trip.

A paper plane for your crashed thoughts? Pennies are too heavy Would your heart lift and take wings if I put a price on it. Unload this burden on me, like a feathered quill in the hands of a composer crafting his last symphony. Lonely balconies hold secrets of days when the mind leaped overContinue reading “Mind Trip.”

Shades of Love

Listen; even if rainbows were to forget to postlude storms; or sunsets the profane cains of days; or dew to wash away the sins of flowers when dawn breathes upon us; or the dead to ascend into the promised Heavens I will never forget to bathe you With these three words; banal they may seem,Continue reading “Shades of Love”

Prometheus As A Role Model.

I have always had a fascination with Greek mythology. Of course for most the pantheon of Olympian deities hold sway, yet for me the primordial Titan, Prometheus held an unwavering respect in my mind. Here was a being who sided against his kind, chose to fight on the side of Zeus and then went onContinue reading “Prometheus As A Role Model.”

The Word. Poets.

We bleed in multi colors of timeless moments in the caverns of gold and coal of min’d thoughts, Painting a canvas of emotions so bright that a dying star going supernova will blush as it kisses a black hole goodnight. If and when the block kidnaps our muse, We’ll chisel out of it’s prison bars and sculpt images betterContinue reading “The Word. Poets.”


These days to keep pace with the ‘social mediaverse’ and the endless debates that rage within it on issues affecting our world is almost an impossibility. The various hashtags and trending stories with newly coined phrases to describe things and make sense of them has accelerated. Recently, I was surfing the web (is surfing stillContinue reading “​PERFORMATIVE ALLYSHIP IS NOT SOLIDARITY”

Just Human.

The problem with most people, they never separate the artist’s persona from his work to realise than an artist might be radically different in real life than what he potrays in his art form( music, movie, poems, books, paintings etc).  Maybe that’s one reason why some people get disillusioned when they meet artists they admiredContinue reading “Just Human.”