UP!- A Creative’s Guide in Sierra Leone

Dire situations tend to bring out the best or worst, and for many of us, these moments are the molds that will cast us out in the movie of our lives moving forward. The novel Coronavirus outbreak in many ways than one is already changing the landscape of our existence, future interactions and our perceptionsContinue reading “UP!- A Creative’s Guide in Sierra Leone”

Cute Child

eyes never lie or the smile that dances to light up selective mirth the warmth she extended to the light skinned infant as she picked him up from the crib soft pampers, baby oiled, powdered sweet scents of innocence fused with luxury about him ‘you aunty e pikin posh o, aww he’s so cute’ sheContinue reading “Cute Child”

Cosmic Logic

She was a swift one, graceful like a cheetah in custom high heels you couldn’t take your eyes off her, in her gaze men found demise in their lust to own her as a trophy yet they were left petrified permanently piqued medusa tinged brazilian hair flowing way below her nape accentuated her shapely hillcutContinue reading “Cosmic Logic”