Lust, Hope and Lost. (English and Sierra Leone creole)

We sat down and spoke about many things in a sparse time, from shelved dreams and move-ons’ to tilted relationships and speed runs. Then a tinted SUV drove by, dropping out that Betelgeuse ‘out of reach’ type of girl that crutches on crushed hearts leaving everyone jelly legs crippled. Switching gears from the sweet rideContinue reading “Lust, Hope and Lost. (English and Sierra Leone creole)”


I once journeyed to a land where memories and emotions could be bought. It’s denizens woke up as familiar strangers to their neighbours every morning. Ah! Such joy for new beginnings. I purchased a few smiles here and a tranquil package there; coated with vintage pills of fleeting nostalgia. When it was time to depart,Continue reading “MASKS”

The Score

Two drowned kings once met on Death’s island, a boat to share for them to steer for the shores of life or the bliss of heaven, yet they fought each other on the sands of time to be the sole buccaneer towards life’s vanity, knowing that neither would triumph, they tore the vessel apart. AlasContinue reading “The Score”


These days to keep pace with the ‘social mediaverse’ and the endless debates that rage within it on issues affecting our world is almost an impossibility. The various hashtags and trending stories with newly coined phrases to describe things and make sense of them has accelerated. Recently, I was surfing the web (is surfing stillContinue reading “​PERFORMATIVE ALLYSHIP IS NOT SOLIDARITY”

Her Story.

She had no mirror to look at when she woke up yesterday morning, she hated who gazed back. Probably. On some days the scent of her cheap perfume mixed with the sweat and other fluids of her many clientele pervade her essence clinging to the taboo temple of her body society has defined it as.Continue reading “Her Story.”

Manipulation or Kindness

There are some things that just have to be dished out from the mind, words mostly give wings to thoughts after a period of introspection . Maybe, as humans the conclusions we form from our thoughts and experiences determines the person we are or become.  It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered and someContinue reading “Manipulation or Kindness”


Dawn has a hymn It sounds like water greased in a piano played by crickets. Don’t ask me what I mean, only God knows. Even when I wake up early, lately I feel like i’m still dreaming Sleep on that thought, I’ll come back to it if my amnesia doesn’t remember me to forget. SoContinue reading “Cancer.”

Cosmic Logic

She was a swift one, graceful like a cheetah in custom high heels you couldn’t take your eyes off her, in her gaze men found demise in their lust to own her as a trophy yet they were left petrified permanently piqued medusa tinged brazilian hair flowing way below her nape accentuated her shapely hillcutContinue reading “Cosmic Logic”


The curse of knowing outweighs the bliss of ignorance, this deep vault of mine overfills with confidante memories hoping for an Obliviate spell that never seem to come. Summoning the will to wear that smile is a miracle that I’ve come to see as ordinary Loki got nothing on me with his mask, I gotContinue reading “Ramblings”