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Cosmic Logic

She was a swift one, graceful like a cheetah in custom high heels

you couldn’t take your eyes off her,

in her gaze men found demise in their lust to own her as a trophy

yet they were left petrified permanently piqued

medusa tinged brazilian hair flowing way below her nape accentuated her shapely hillcut road curves

over the edge with a smile she drove men

but they crawled back pleading with gifted apples of a different sort than the one Eve knew..
you see, Andromina was a bad bitch.

love poems or deep lyrics had no sway with her

neither did gene passed fine features

she wasn’t that sentimental

to her..

sexiness was the sound of that green paper, handsome was the revving of that shiny new G Wagon and funny but smart she found that slick crib with the swimming pool.

this was her religion.
.. damned she was to the temporary bliss it brought her and blind to the world

she deafened her ears to the whisperings, blotted out the prejudiced looks and numbed her heart to the memories she deleted

.. she convinced herself daily she was a good one and only the Most High could judge her.

… and not anyone.

In that hope she laid her bet.
she hoped to wear white some day and walk down the aisle to be ringed by some mystery gent who either forgave her past or knew nothing about it…

for this she made crusades her second home and absolvitory social media religious posts a daily dose…

her faith in miracles was unchallenged
… sadly it wasn’t to be

for in her prime, her dreams were cut short

not by the viral infections of her night escapades or some moral backlash for her sins

but by a drunk taxi driver who after a rowdy evening of fermented cocktail of kosovo and stanky kush slept on the wheel and ran her down to her permanent slumber

… and the world did not stop.

.. afterall

It was just another dead human.


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The curse of knowing outweighs the bliss of ignorance,

this deep vault of mine overfills with confidante memories hoping for an Obliviate spell that never seem to come.

Summoning the will to wear that smile is a miracle that I’ve come to see as ordinary

Loki got nothing on me with his mask,

I got them galore like these emojis.
On some days, I stare at my reflection seeing a stranger gazing back.

Broadway needs me

Hamilton could do with a new cast member, I come highly recommended by Pence.

These days I am increasingly fueled by a raging desire to overprice depressed thoughts

Or get lost in the flow of books in the jungle of Amazon.

Nothing is real, ebooks leave me thirsty

I miss the smell of pages

their wrinkled edges and the torn covers that tells me it’s earlier readers validate it’s dopeness

I miss them all.

Even my Red Devil’s trident is broken,

so when I finally drown to the depths of my reverie, I may ask Poseidon for another

and stab Mourinho with it
Or I may not..

Until that next bourbon shot …

I’ll leisurely swim in these rambling and crazed thoughts of mine.