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Beautiful Death

A dead wolf’s eulogy,

is best said by the clawing scars it leaves on the face of the hunter,

and not by city dogs who mimic it’s canine affinity 

to scavenge from lonely bins. 


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Peasant Dreams

In an alternate warped life, I must have been a farmer’s son,

who nodded and hummed in tune to the rhythm of bird music.

A gifted playlist from nature to salve my boredom,

no money greased Dj palms to repeat my favourite songs.

So under a palm tree I lay swooning,

a lazy past time in windy harmattan,

then I whipped up that palm wine with orinch(oranges) cocktails,

a ‘munku’ fruity punch concocted in a time before bartenders uplifted souls with that extra liquor drop.

You see,

 my avian artists lure me to dreamland with lullabies,

then feast on my rice and corn fields like insecure actors on weak drama.

As I drowse of, 

gifted with the curse of sleep.

They munch and harvest months of  labours with their innocent beaks into the welcoming pit of their stomach quenching their gnawing hunger.

Rows go.

Me, in Rated M dreamland go;

strokes, strokes, strokes.

In a siesta wet dream of Sata,

the shapely village belle with the sexy tumba(behind),

 soft lips, dusky sunset eyes and coconut sized bosom.

A week or two back with a wry smile and the ghost of a laugh dancing on her fulani fine features,

 she granted me a peep or two,

 down by the village stream as she bathe.

Memory saved and aids the megapixels of my noon imagination.

Almost in… 

So close.. 
Then comes the pain.. 

A falling tree branch 

ends my vision hub; no pun intended.

The birds, they’ve 
stopped singing when the cello-like twang of

my catapult ends their cereal buffet. 

‘R must continue

me dream, I must continue my dream’

Then I slid back in to the 

DM of my slumber like 
  ‘where were we?’ 


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Of Boys. (African)

We remember the laughs but try to forget the tears, handpicking the rosy blossoms but ignoring the gaffes,

Of a time when bruised knees and sprained ankles from bicycle falls was a badge of honour we proudly showed to our peers.

In the cocktail of emotions boyish days brought,

remember, ‘member
 ‘kaktoes’ , 

and nutmeg ‘booth’ beatings before you found the green?

or wars won with toy soldiers?
soccer games lost with ‘mentholathum’ top white cat strikers,

 cocoa cola stopper midfielders
 and grafton or whiskey cover defenders, 

silver cigarette tin foil wrappers or jumbo maggie in center field rolled up oblong spheres as ball?

Champions League had nothing on us.

Racing ‘gigs’ through alleyways like a F1 driver,

 shooting marbles with a comet streak into holes,

‘rubber fak’ trades,

guinea goal games ending in deadlocks

.. ‘playcatch’ with the girls to dark corners..

then one day,

on different times

life withdrew it’s blindfold
of innocence.

We grew up.

Or maybe outwardly just adapted to reality,

yet still the same bubbling boys within.

Our games just changed, and evolved

Boys we remain.
That is just a euphemism.


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In The Moment

savour now and every moment

for it serves the sweet tasting dessert of memories that lasts forever

gazing into that beautiful sunset as the sky kisses the ocean

or the brush of your lover’s lips that ignites  fiery passion 

mixed with the smell of coffee at dawn after late nights 

of dreams tossed down the flowing waterfall emotions

 of life’s fluid motions

we will hypnotise
clock hands to creep to a stand still with the laughter joy brings

as it blends with the 

beauty of youth

that lights up our heart

with the mystery of mirth,

in its languid countdown
let us make Time jealous,

 in its hall of seasons

as we fashion the robes we wrap around its see-through hourglass, blinding it for days in minutes that seem endless

we do not fear Time
we just capture the moments better than timeless photographs

fleeting as the ebb of ocean waves
that remain fresh in our minds

to relive forever

even when our pulse’s beat low 
with the withering blossoms

in the forest of life’s journeys

our memories will endure
and forever live

quenching our thirst at the fountain

youth gave us,

as we relish these 

moments transfixed in time


Photography by Saffie Kaiwa

Koh Chang, Thailand

Photography by Saffie Kaiwa…Koh Chang, Thailand