Blogging from Sierra Leone: The ‘Why’.

There are millions of narratives online about people and their stories, mostly as strangers without meeting each other we connect with these experiences as we find ourselves relating to them. The intricate nature of human existence is the simple truth that in our differences we notice familiar things that brings us to the earthy truth that we are but just a singular race.

Every human has a story to tell and it’s no wonder in this day and age why blogging holds such a strong allure. Strangely the idea to create a blog to post my poems, articles and ramblings came not from me , but from my cousin, Ibrahim Jalloh (R I P).I had shared a piece via WhatsApp to him and after reading, he remarked that it would be a great idea to have a platform to air out my writings.

In his words he said, ”Kamanda, you have to save your writings and keep them so that they can be a moment in time when you had these thoughts. After all, even if no one reads them, they will always live”. These words rang true, Ibrahim always did have a penchant to say the rights things in a modest way.

Naturally I had some misgivings about the whole idea out of fear of internet trolls and another from the insecure idea that I thought my writings weren’t good enough. I slept on his advice. Several days later I set up a WordPress account and the rest as they say is history.

Blogging from Sierra Leone is not an easy feat. For starters, the internet penetration in the country is relatively low, and the data charges are somehow steep. Less than 10% of Sierra Leone’s approximately 7 million citizens utilize any social media tool and of that number the vast majority use Facebook and the cross platform app WhatsApp the most.

The reality is if you intend to tell the Sierra Leonean story via blogging, you come to terms with the stark truth that your countrymen will most likely not be a huge chunk of your audience. This realization alone is enough to deter many, I have known many fellow writers who started off writing on WordPress or Blogspot only to abandon it due to lack of instantaneous followers. Some chose to stick to Facebook blogging with the same recycled audience and recycled feedback.

I was tempted to take the easy route, but I did not. It dawned on me slowly that it would be better to grow an organic following from complete strangers and also from people I knew who would click my WordPress blog link to let my writing speak for itself. I held the firm belief that if I had to evolve from the cocoon of familiarity of the usual audience feedback that my Facebook posts garnered, I would be stuck in an endless loop, and what I craved was growth along with a bigger platform to tell my stories.

It has been almost two years now and I am approaching 500 followers. Through it all I have learnt some vital lessons. Blogging like any art form requires dedication. You have to put in the work to connect with your audience. The sooner you realise that the quality of your content will boost or reduce the feedback you get, the wiser you will become.

There is nothing I appreciate more than the feedback from readers and fellow bloggers, every comment or a like indicates that someone, somewhere took their time to read what I had to offer and leave a response. On some days as a dabbling writer that is the only thing we require, it’s less about a thirst for the spotlight and more about appreciation that comes with understanding. Blogging brings you closer with the art of others that gives you the necessary push that also stimulates the growth of your own art.

I can say without an iota of doubt that my writing has improved because I have encountered sound writers on this WordPress platform who have directly or indirectly influenced me with their brilliance and simplicity in tackling complex issues.

Blogging instills in you the confidence to air out what you have been stifling. The relief that such an outlet offers is priceless. To tackle the social ills of a nation on a broad expanse of issues and proffer solutions. Every complimentary feedback I receive motivates me to do more and tell our stories.

To every other Sierra Leonean blogger out there, keep doing you. Tell your story.

I will keep on blogging and sharing my experiences, as a voice from the western side of my continent, and let our stories be part of the album of the playlist of the myriad online stories written by people from around the globe.

In the words of Marco Koroma,

“Impact is greater than clout”.


Published by Kamanda Koroma

Dabbles in writing...Great taste in music...Loves Nature. -#Conundrum.

25 thoughts on “Blogging from Sierra Leone: The ‘Why’.

  1. Although I don’t comment often, I do read your articles. It is important, perhaps even critical, that bloggers continue to write about whatever is in their hearts, on their minds, or what tickles their fancies at the time. You never know who will read your (our) blogs and connect at some level.

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  2. Kamanda, I agree when you say: “Blogging like any art form requires dedication. You have to put in the work to connect with your audience. The sooner you realise that the quality of your content will boost or reduce the feedback you get, the wiser you will become.” Developing a real connection with other bloggers also requires commitment.

    While you may not reach many readers within your own country, your connection with others worldwide is invaluable in spreading awareness of our shared humanity and shared challenges–wherever we may live on this planet.

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  3. This is very interesting. It’s only recently that here in Jamaica we now have reasonable Internet penetration, especially with smartphones proliferating… When I started 8 years ago it was very different, but like you I decided to grow my blog organically. Now a chunk of my readers are local, but the majority are from elsewhere, including you! (Thanks for following!) And yes, “our words will always live”! Thank you very much for this. I was saying “Yes! That’s right!” while I was reading it.

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  4. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    I have a new follower, a fellow blogger from Sierra Leone! This is a pleasure in and of itself, but also I found his comments on the “why” of blogging completely resonated with me. If you are already a blogger, or are considering starting a blog, this is very enlightening and really sums up all the positive aspects of this pursuit. PS Do follow Kamanda Koroma!

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  5. Beautifully written. I can relate to not feeling like my writing is good enough, but maybe those imperfections are what keep us going. There’s always room for improvement, but we can also learn to be happy right where we are and as we are.

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  6. Keep at it. Sometimes, its very tiring but like your cousin said, thoughts written out are very powerful… It stays on…. Your words will certainly ignite the conscience of generations coming…. Keep writing, keep expressing your thoughts!!!

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